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  •  Early access to high profile interviews: Sam Seder, Judd Weiss
  •  Conspiracy Theory Round Tables: The Lions of Liberty share & discuss their favorite conspiracy theories.
  •  Bonus Interviews: Extra time with Tom Woods, Lenore Skenazy and much more to come. 
  •  Is This a Crime Round Tables: Reviewing controversial cases and confusing criminal justice situations
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The Lions of Liberty Podcast
Established in 2013
Three Shows Per Week
Every Monday, Wedesday and Friday
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Audio Equipment and Editing

We work hard to deliver high quality audio on a very small to non-existent budget. By all means, the audio quality of Lions of Liberty is currently much higher than that of the average podcast. But it can be better - much better! 

Initial funds will be used to purchase microphone upgrades for our regular contributors, as well as to pay our editors who make the show listenable!

Fund Ad Campaigns on Libertarian Podcasts

In the past we've done small ad pushes  on two libertarian podcasts - the Tom Woods Show and the Jason Stapleton Program. They were a HUGE success! These campaigns were small and limited, but had the effect of TRIPLING our listenership in the span of a few short weeks. 

If we fully fund ad campaigns on other libertarian podcasts, we will be able to grow this show to greater levels than we had ever dreamed.

Fund Our Trips to Liberty Conventions!

Every year we see more and more liberty events, and our fans often ask if we'll be attending. So far the answer has been "no", due to a combination of having professional obligations and again, needing the funding.

If we achieve this level of funding we will plan to start attending liberty functions such as Freedom Fest, PorcFest, the Libertarian National Convention, etc. and producing pre-recorded or live content from these venues for our listeners.

Your Subscription Will Help the Lions of Liberty Podcast to Reach the Next Level AND You'll Gain Access to Exclusive Content. It's a win-win!
At the end of the day it's all about growing the show, so we can reach more people with the message of LIBERTY!
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